KRUPS Nespresso Expert & Milk XN601840 Pod Coffee Machine / Black

A new level of coffee expertise and experience
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Nespresso Expert, a new level of coffee expertise and experience

Nespresso capsule coffee machine reveals a new level of coffee expertise and experience with a machine Nespresso Exeprt. Expert capsule coffee machine offers versatilities to enrich coffee lovers experience with an ease of use.     Pump pressure: 19 bar Empty water tank detection Fast 25 second heat-up Programmable, one-touch buttons: Ristretto Espresso, Lungo, Americano and Hot Water Magnetic cup stand Automatic power off Water tank capacity: 1.1 L Bluetooth Smart connected Nespresso Machine

Smart and autonomous : after each coffee preparation, used capsule will be ejected automatically Quick to heat-up :  In 25 secondes, machine is ready to make highly qualitative beverage Automatic off : machine is equipped with an energy saving feature. The machine will automatically enter power off mode after 9 minutes (programmable for 30min, 2 hours, 8 hours)  The best coffee selection : 1 to 2% of coffee beans in the world are eligible to be selected for making Nespresso grand crus


Power 1260  W
Frequency 50-60  Hz
Weight 4.4  kg
Product Size (L x W x H) 38,05x28,7x22,3  cm
Way of customization Through Programable recipes  
Pressure 19  
Quantity customization    
Water tank capacity 1,2  L
Removable water tank    
Used capsules container Integrated  
Full Capsule Container detection    
Automatic capsule ejection    
Auto stop of beverage Yes  
Number of recipes 5  
Milk system Aeroccino  
Recipes Ristretto 25 ml Espresso 40 ml Lungo 110 ml Americano 150 ml Hot Water 200 ml  
Number of cups prepared at once 1  
Descaling reminder    
Programmable Auto off 4 programs: 9 minutes 30 minutes 2 hours 8 hours  
Removable drip tray    
Adjustable drip tray (number of levels) 2  
Guarantee 2 years  
Auto off (switches off after) 9 minutes (factory setting)  
Colours Matt Black  




Scale deposits naturally form in your coffee maker. Regular descaling helps protect your coffee maker and ensures it a longer life. It will also help maintain a quality of coffee that remains constant over time.
Follow the instructions in your personal instruction manual for descaling your machine as techniques vary according to the model you own.
We recommend using the descaling product provided by the manufacturer.
Otherwise, you may use 2 tablespoons of tartaric or citric acid (both sold in pharmacies and drug stores) diluted in a half-litre of lukewarm water; pour this mixture into the water tank.
For a daily average usage of 4 cups and if the water is hard, we recommend descaling your machine at least every 3 months.
If you live in an area where the water is very hard, you may wish to descale more often.
Yes, if it is coated with scale.
Clean it with water and/or cleaning products recommended by the device manufacturer.
This can prevent clogging in the water outlet and hygiene issues.
Make sure that the drip-tray has not overflowed and empty if necessary.
Verify that the drip-tray is correctly positioned.
Tap water (normal household potable water) is perfectly OK as long as it is free of odors that might alter the taste of the beverage. Bottled water is also OK.
Do not use refrigerated or warm water as this might impact the temperature of the beverage.
Use always fresh water and replace the water if system has not been used for more than 2 days.
For cold beverages, use water at ambient temperature, never refrigerated water, and place two or more ice cubes (20g per ice cube) in the cup.
To be noticed that water hardness is the first reason of machine calcification and so it is recommended to descale the machine frequently (every 3months or less according to water hardness).
If your appliance has not been used for several months, the pump may have difficulty restarting the water flow.
When you select a small or large cup, the pump makes a lot of noise but no drops come out.
- Remove the capsule if there is one.
- Fill the tank to the maximum with hot water (60°C).
- Turn on the machine and select the large cup.
- Take out and reposition the tank every 3 seconds. There should be air bubbles escaping from the tank valve.
- The priming is done and the water flows through the coffee outlet.

If priming is not possible after these manipulations, take the appliance to an authorized service center.
An expresso has a stronger aroma than a "normal" coffee.
In fact, an expresso can be distinguished by its rich aroma and the creamy foam on the surface of the cup.
This requires a pressure of 15 bar (achieved only by espresso machines), water heated to 90-92°C and finely ground and measured coffee (7 g per cup).

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