Frequently asked questions KRUPS XL2000 Automatic Milk Frother / Stainless Steel Krups

KRUPS XL2000 Automatic Milk Frother / Stainless Steel Easy-to-use frother with three functions for barista-quality results at home
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Ref : XL200044


Yes, all types of milk can be used in the milk jug.
Fresh milk as well as long-life milk.
Clean the propeller to emulsify by rinsing it in water.
Use a damp sponge to wipe the interior of the milk jug and rinse the lid in water.
The milk jug should never be immersed in water (e.g. in a dishwasher).
The pot might be too hot.
Allow it to cool and try to make the desired recipe again.
The emulsifier may also be blocked : remove, clean and reposition it.
Check whether the milk quantity is correct for the desired recipe;
• 1st category: cappuccino
• 2nd category: café latte
• 3rd category: hot milk
Make sure the propeller is well positioned to emulsify and not blocked.
• If it is incorrectly positioned, put it back into place.
• If blocked, clean it
and if the problem persists, visit an Approved Service Centre.
No, this appliance is reserved for milk-based recipes (cappuccino, café latte, hot milk). Improper use voids the warranty.


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