Secured payment

Your Krups Accessories Store makes every effort to ensure the confidentiality and security of data sent over the web.

Payment by bank card

In this regard, the website uses one of the standard secured modules to protect all data related to personal information and payment methods : SSL (Secure Socket Layer). SSL allows sensitive information such as credit card numbers and login credentials to be transmitted securely.

This is the most widespread in terms of secure electronic transaction standards. Wherever the URL address begins with // (where the "s" stands for secure), your sensitive data is encrypted between your computer and our server or the one of Société Générale payment portals and no intermediary can access it.

You can pay by credit card (Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard).

The banking data you provide is secured by our partner Société Générale.

The company SIS is not involved in the transactional payment process and retains no information other than the payment references provided by our partner Société Générale.

SIS can not therefore be held responsible in case of difficulty on payment, our partner Société Générale will provide any additional support required in resolving transactional issues.