Our History (krups usa)


Our most beautiful story is you.

Since 1846, the KRUPS saga has been marked by innovations, feats of daring, and iconic products, all designed to meet the needs of its clients. It's thanks to you that KRUPS continues to write its history, rich with details, to surprise you day after day.


Evidence Connected

With customers using their smartphones to do just about everything, KRUPS wanted to offer coffee preparation to the list. The KRUPS Evidence is a fully connected bean to cup coffee machine that prepares the ideal cup of coffee remotely… as easily as touching a smartphone. It launches each user’s favourite coffee from any room in the home, records their preferences, customises drinks, offers news about the coffee world… And of course, it makes absolutely delicious coffee.


The Barista

When customers demand café-quality coffee at home, KRUPS listens and launches the KRUPS The Barista: a fully automatic bean to cup machine that makes perfect espresso, cappuccino and flat whites at a single touch. Coffee connoisseurs are delighted by the explosion of flavour they find in every cup. The Barista is still the only machine on the market to offer automatic steam nozzle cleaning. Its convenience, elegant design, and mastery of flavour win it five-star reviews from satisfied customers everywhere.


The Nescafé Dolce Gusto

Black isn’t the only type of coffee customers love. After their successful partnership with Nespresso, KRUPS once again joins with Nestlé to launch the avant-garde Nescafé Dolce Gusto machines that bring delicious, frothy cappuccinos and velvety lattes into the home. Millions upon millions of these machines are sold throughout the following years, all around the world.


The Nespresso Machine

In the 1990s, the entire world suddenly went crazy for coffee. KRUPS begins expanding beyond Germany, and not surprisingly, their most popular products are coffee machines. In 1991, KRUPS undertakes a joint venture with Nestlé to sell… what else? The Nespresso machine. It’s been making mornings not just bearable but delightful for coffee-lovers for over a quarter of a century.