What is a 15 years reparability commitment at fair price?

Since January 1st, 2022, Krups has stepped up its commitment to product repairability by extending the availability of parts from 10 to 15 years at the right price, on new products launched in 2022 as well as on products still in production.

With 96% of references sold in 2021 under the 10-year repairability logo, krups is strengthening its  commitment to repairability throughout Europe..
Because protecting the environment and the fight against waste are our major concerns.
Our products are designed to be easily to dismantled and reassembled therefore enabling their repairability.

With more than 50,000 items in stock, everything is done to repair only what is strictly necessary and at the lowest possible cost.
Krups engineers develop products based on feedback from the field, making the new generations ever easier to dismantle and reassemble. Each new product is systematically analysed to qualify for the "15-year repairability at the right price" label.
Krups is committed to providing technical spare parts for almost all its products for 15 years after purchase.
OVER 30,000 m²
In order to guarantee a maximum of immediate availability of your spare parts, Krups stores spare parts to cover the needs for the years to come, on products when manufacturing has stopped.
By working on the price of spare parts and offering turnkey repair solutions, Krups does everything possible to ensure that repairs are as economical as possible. The repair does not alter the quality of the product in any way, repaired with parts validated by the brand.
* More than 96% of the products marketed by Groupe Seb in Europe in 2021 complied with the 10-year commitment, which was valid until 31 December 2021 and has been replaced by a 15-year commitment at the right price since 1 January 2022. With spare parts that may be derived from alternative technologies.


The best service for your products is provided by Krups-trained professionals, who will always look for a solution to prolong the use of a product. 

Today, more than 6,200 authorised professional repairers are on hand to guarantee the durability of products anywhere in the world, regardless of the country of purchase or use. 

Click on the button to find the nearest repairer to your home. Don't forget to search through our extensive support system beforehand to find the solution online.

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Repairability is easy

On a simple visit from your approved repairer, the faulty part of your Krups product can be quickly replaced.
This ensures that the product can be repaired after the Guarantee period and can be used for many years. 
You can also order spare parts and accessories for your Krups products directly online.

3D printing
to repair your products for longer!

Today, more than 3,000 products have already been repaired using 3D printing. This technology allows a part to be produced quickly on demand, in order to reduce stocks of spare parts and extend their availability. All 3D printed parts go through a dedicated testing and qualification process to ensure quality and durability.

We now realise that these are products that deserve a long life."
Alain Pautrot - VP Consumer Satisfaction

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